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The IT revolution starting around early 90s changed the face of India. India was introduced to the rest of the world, the images of young software engineers and swanky IT offices replaced those of elephants, snake charmers and cows running wild on the street. The world looked to us because we had the skill, attitude to work hard, we were adaptable and most of all, all these goodies came at an affordable price. But for India and Indians, this was a big change – lives changed, land prices hit the roof, cost of living went up north, people began moving out of their homes and into IT hubs like Bangalore – house owners got greedy, where they would get a rent of 5K/10K from a humble bank employee โ€“they began letting out their houses to PGs,- at the rate of 3000/4000 Rs/pm for a bed – ofcourse no one cared for the bank employee ๐Ÿ™‚ – he resolved to do what it takes to make his kids engineers ๐Ÿ™‚ – note the words … “do what it takes”. So the politicians and others such unscrupulous people where not to be left behind after all foreign money was coming in, young people were willing to spend – they got together and changed the face of our peaceful cities – 1000s and 1000s of ill-equipped engineering colleges, high rises, apartment buildings, IT parks, malls selling everything that you dont need from fast food to movie tickets at 500/ ticket… all this also created a transient population who cares two hoots for the city and more about their own comfort – so you have all kind of violations – malls, super bazaars and companies coming up right in the middle of residential areas – spoiling the peace and endangering the lives of the cities residents… no, dont get me wrong, its not IT that has destroyed us, its not globalization, its not the Greedy politician – its us, its we who have allowed ourselves to be swept away by materialism, its we who decide to invest in that land to sell it at a better price later – when we already own one, its we who invest in commodities like sugar and oil – we dont care how it affects the vast majority of poor – and with globalization – these actions have an impact across the world. our willingness to pay more for something robs a person somewhere in the world who probably desperately needs it but can’t afford the same… the answer is not to reverse globalization, stop IT revolution – the answer lies in looking within ourselves and challenging our own fears, needs and wants. The answer lies in thinking truly global but with more compassion for other humans and infact all of Gods creatures – everyone deserves a chance to live and enjoy everything that God has given. I think this is the answer to all scams tooโ€ฆ the scamsters are like flies โ€“ they feed on shit, when there is no shit, there will be no scamsters โ€“ no scams


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